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Performance Diesel & 4 Wheel Drive

How did the story of Beeline Motorsports of Stockton begin? Officially, the first page of our auto repair shop’s story began in 2004, but Robert Hartshorn, the owner of Beeline Motorsports, seemed to always know auto repair and diesel service were the driving force, no pun intended, in his life.

At seven years old, you could find Robert working on lawnmowers and go-karts. You could also find him learning how to drive a manual transmission. We aren’t sure what we are more surprised by: his very young age or that his feet were able to reach the pedals! When Rob was 14, he graduated to LandCruisers, and at 15, he got his first job as a technician. Now, that sounds very much like a prodigy.

When Robert was 21, he decided to try his hand at welding and fabricating. Soon enough, he was building motors and mining trucks. Eventually, his skills and expertise led him to a shipyard, where you could find him working on supertankers. His mechanical aptitude, along with his desire to continue to grow as a technician, led him to a ranch, working on tractors, work trucks, and any other machinery you would think belongs at a ranch.

After building drill rigs and working on semi-trucks and trailers, Robert realized he wanted to change the way customers were treated. With ample experience and deep concern for his customers, the story of Beeline Motorsports began in 2004, and the story continues to unfold. He and the rest of his team continues to grow, as technicians and an auto repair shop.

There is no doubt about it — the team at Beeline Motorsports in Stockton can handle all your vehicles: diesel, hybrid, Domestic, European, Asian, you name it. With us, you get the whole story with no plot twists or cliffhangers. Your vehicle will be properly serviced, and you will be properly taken care of, as we look out for your best interest each step of the way.

Schedule a complimentary vehicle evaluation or send us a text at 503-506-2862. Beeline Motorsports is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You can find us conveniently located at 11955 SE Highway 212, Stockton, CA, 95205. We look forward to seeing you soon.